Heat Glove - WLG23 - Aluminum High Heat protection

Size: 14
Color: Red
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A pinnacle of heat-resistant technology and uncompromising performance, specially designed to provide you with unparalleled protection in high-temperature welding environments.

Aluminized Back: The distinctive feature of our Aluminized Back Welding Gloves is the aluminized backside. This advanced material reflects and disperses radiant heat, providing an additional layer of defense against extreme temperatures encountered during welding operations.

  • High Quality Premium Cow Split Leather

  • Aluminized Back to Reflect the Heat

  • Heat and Cut Resistant Kevlar Lining Inside

  • Welted Finger, Kevlar Stitched

Standards: EN388-2016 (4344X), EN407-2004 (434X41), EN420

Category: High heated industrials, cut resistant, resistant to sparks

Applications: High Heated Industrials


Welding tasks come with inherent risks, but with the right safety measures, including proper welder gloves, you can significantly reduce the potential for injuries. Welder glove safety is paramount, ensuring your hands are adequately protected against heat, sparks, and other welding-related hazards.

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