Nitrile Glove - 8 Mil - NTG08 (Disposable & Powder Free) - High Quality - Box of 100 gloves

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Nitrile disposable gloves with a thickness of 8 mil are considered to be heavy-duty gloves, offering a balance between protection and tactile sensitivity. These gloves are thicker than standard disposable nitrile gloves, which are typically around 4-6 mil in thickness, but not as thick as 10 mil gloves.

Mechanical Work: Mechanics and technicians often use 8 mil nitrile gloves when working with tools and machinery. These gloves provide good protection against cuts, abrasions, and oil or lubricant contact.

Janitorial and Cleaning: When handling strong cleaning chemicals and disinfectants, 8 mil nitrile gloves can offer better protection compared to standard gloves, reducing the risk of skin irritation and chemical exposure.

Healthcare: In healthcare settings, such as dental offices or clinics, 8 mil nitrile gloves can be used when added durability and protection are required for specific procedures.

Food Handling: While these gloves are thicker than standard disposable gloves, they can still be used in food preparation and handling environments where chemical resistance and durability are essential.

Emergency Services: First responders may choose 8 mil nitrile gloves when dealing with various situations that require enhanced hand protection, such as handling hazardous materials.

8 mil nitrile gloves provide a reasonable balance between protection and dexterity, making them suitable for a range of applications where thicker gloves might be necessary, but without sacrificing too much tactile sensitivity. Always follow safety guidelines and select the appropriate gloves for your specific needs.



8 mil diamond texture industry food service car repair mechanic cleaning disposable-glove pure nitrile glove

Extra Strength Latex & Powder Free

100 pieces in box

Diamond Textured

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