Impact Glove - IMG44 - Mechanic Gloves

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Front Palm: Black synthetic Leather
Front Palm: P.V.C Patches on palm for fashion.
P.V.C Spoon between the index finger & Thumb.
Black neoprene cuff on the wrist. Synthetic Aamara Puller for easy to pull and wear the Glove.
On the Back: Red Polyster Fourway Cloth with 2mm Pasted Playboy foam for comfort.
5-6mm TPR on the back & thumb for protection.
  • Oil and Gad work
  • Engagement and release of drillstring slips
  • Chaining up pipes
  • Installation and dismantling of rigs
  • Assembly and disassembly of large pipes
  • Unloading and stacking pipe
  • Scaffolding
  • Loading and hauling
  • Valve - line maintenance and repair
  • Heavy machine operation
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Pipe handling
  • Loading raw material

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